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Welcome to yet another Arashi community. Before hitting the join button please read the general rules and guidelines below.

- This community is for raw Arashi files: dramas, films, variety shows, concerts...
- You won't find direct DVD/Blu-ray copies, such as ISO, IMG and VIDEO_TS.
- Everything here is also posted to Aibakaland. (Yes, I'm i heart aiba.)
- I won't upload mirrors because Mega is the only website that likes me. If you wanna share mirrors that's awesome.
- All Most of the files are password protected because maybe, just maybe that way they have a better chance of not getting deleted anytime soon.
- My sources for Arashi files are mainly Clubbox (esp. dramas and pre-2016 shows), 多多漢堡肉 (2018 shows + Nino stuff), 一期一会 (aka monster3104), -抹茶Latte- (esp. Gutto! Sports and Aiba Manabu) and AvistaZ (mainly films). Starting from 2018 I've mainly encoded shows/clips myself using ts files I get from Baidu.

- You won't find hardsubs from this community (excluding Kimi wa Petto & Kisarazu Cat's Eye - both are also available as raw).
- I will link to a website where soft subs are located if the post in question is open and the subs sync with the version I've uploaded.
- If you know someone has soft subbed whatever I have uploaded, you can share the link to that post as long as it's an open blog/post/website. No google translated crap or messy timings.
- I only upload soft subs if they are ripped from a DVD. Sometimes people are shit and remove credits from soft subs, so if I have uploaded a fansubber's soft subs please let me know and I will remove them.
- Subs tag is used when there are subtitles available for at least one file in the post. For example, if a post contains a film and a making of there may be subs only for the film. Or if a drama post contains both HD and SD versions subs may only sync with the SD version.

- All Most of the files I share are clean = no encoder's logo on them. I have mentioned if there is a logo.
- You can share the files you've downloaded from here unless otherwise stated (well, I hope you wouldn't share something if I say so because encoding one file can take hours).
- Don't repost my links, upload videos yourself.
- Leave a comment if a link is dead.
- It takes long to upload, but it doesn't take long to thank.

Happy downloading~
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