Yukina (mikunicchi) wrote in chesutosakurai,

New maintainer ver2.0

Hello!! This is Yukina here, to let you know that I ended up with maintaining this community ^^;

So... um... I really don't know what to say here, but since the beginning of my joining this fandom, chesutosakurai has been a precious place with the previous owner Haru's hard works and how many great files this community contains. I know for many people subbed files could be more important but as someone who loves raws more than anything (and as a half-time subber raws are important), I really wanted to do something and keep it alive. However, I don't think I'll be able to share raws up to date here, as for now I still haven't figured out how to access the raws like Haru did and how others do, and since it's possible to get recent raws from other amazing communities, my priority here will be to keep the old files like Arashi ni Shiyagare and such alive.

I have been saving as much as I can with the help of yuuki_nyanmaru in this last few days, and sadly there are a lot of already lost files. And I was wondering if there's anyone who has the files from this community, which we are desperately searching for, would mind helping us with it?

If you would help us, it would save us big time! I am planning to make another post for the missing files. I know I've been repeating myself but, please, please help us!!!

That being said, please keep me in your favour from now on!
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